PREDATOR  - Trimaran System
Our Systems enable you to own a folding trimaran at a fraction of the cost of any comparable trimaran on the market
without the enormous time demands, skill requirements and hidden costs of building. PREDATORS are professionally built
production boats, carefully designed and engineered
to give years of exciting sailing pleasure.
Create a folding trimaran using either:

  • hulls and rig from a pre-loved catamaran - thousands of these are available at incredibly cheap prices yet of high quality.

  • new hulls and rigs from one of the many catamaran manufacturers - huge amounts of money can be saved by only buying the
    bare hulls, mast, boom, and mainsail.(i.e. no fittings, no rudders, no trampolines, no jib, etc.)

  • a complete trimaran can be manufactured by us using custom designed hulls and high performance rig.